Reverence Set as Chapel Theme for the Year

The Middle School and Upper School celebrated their first chapel of the school year at the Hickory Campus.
The Middle School and Upper School celebrated their first chapel of the school year at the Hickory Campus last Monday. Mr. King, Mr. Gayle, Mr. Warren and Mr. Dickerson began chapel with a 4-Part version of the hymn, “Come Thou Fount”. Mr. King offered students a translation/paraphrase of the lyrics so students could better understand what they were singing. 

Upper School Chaplain, Bryan Verbrugge, outlined the year’s theme of “Reverence”. He defined the meaning of the word and demonstrated the theme with a car commercial that showed a man walking out of a grocery store with milk. The man stops in the parking lot to stare at a van and suddenly in his mind there are lights and loud music drawing him in. He ends up dropping the milk because this dad is pretty enthralled with the beauty of the van. Mr. Verbrugge asked students, “What causes you to drop the milk? Does God cause you to drop the milk? Are we in awe of him?” He explained more of what chapel will look like for the year and reminded students of what the speaker from Rockbridge, Pete Hardesty, said at the retreat. Mr. Hardesty has said that like buttoning a shirt, if we get the top button right, all the other buttons will fall in line. In the same way, if we get our relationship with God right, the other things in our lives will fall in line. 

Students and faculty are looking forward to a new style and different music/atmosphere for chapel this year. The messages under the theme of “reverence” will include a wholistic honoring of God with ourselves, like with our body, mind, and relationships. Chapel is looking to be a very transformative and new experience this year. 

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