Photography Students Photograph Blood Moon

Braving the chill pre-dawn hours, Upper School Photography students traveled to Raven’s Roost on the Blue Ridge Parkway to experience and document a rare and beautiful celestial event: the total lunar eclipse.
Only ever occurring within two weeks of a solar eclipse and requiring the presence of a full or nearly-full moon, these lunar events are quite rare. As the moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, its light is slowly diminished and it dissolves into the inky black sky. Before all its light is extinguished, light from the Sun, bending through the atmosphere, is projected onto the surface of the moon, bathing it a deep red hue. The experience was a great opportunity to practice astrophotography and revel in the grandeur of the heavenly bodies, the music of the stars.

"The glory of the One who moves all things penetrates the universe with light."
(Paradiso, I.1-2, trans. Anthony Esolen)

(Photos by Andrew Shackelford '23)

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