Building Community: House in Middle School

It is not uncommon to see students outside at the Hickory Campus decked out in one of four colors, playing kickball or engaging in some other fun and competitive activity. Why? Well, starting in sixth grade, our students are inducted into our House system. They will belong to their House through senior year and beyond!
Middle schoolers are welcomed to the Hickory Campus, and a new level of freedom and responsibility, by becoming part of the larger school community. There are many opportunities for them to get to know others, whether they are new to the campus or new to the school. In October, middle schoolers participated in a House kickball tournament earning points for their respective Houses while their Upper School classmates took the PSAT and SAT exams.

What is House?
A quartet of communities named for the cardinal virtues of Temperance, Fortitude, Wisdom, and Justice, the House System stands at the center of fellowship on the Hickory Campus. Upon attending, each individual finds a home in one of the four Houses. House members seek to know, celebrate, serve, and love each other, fostering a positive culture that stands apart from the rest of the world. House also provides educational leadership and administrative opportunities for students through the House Leadership Team, a body of elected student officials, and a faculty Head of House who shepherds their House throughout the year. Through the House program, Covenant creates a community that encourages students to live out the House motto: For Others, For Christ.

Why House?
The House program is an integral part of student life at the Hickory Campus. Born in 2014 out of a collaboration with faculty and student leaders, the vision of the group was to build a program that would enrich the student life experience while fulfilling the mission of the school to deepen community both internally and with our neighbors in the community.

How does it build community?
In a variety of ways—but ultimately through relationships—students are engaged into the positive community of House. From summer House picnics to group games during House Days, to “Win It Wednesdays” intramurals, to serving together at nonprofit organizations, to House Devotions, students are invited to get to know one another. The goal of all our House initiatives is that every member of our student community, grades 6-12, will feel a deep sense of belonging and value at The Covenant School

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