Birdwood STEAM Fair Awards

The Birdwood STEAM Fair took place on Friday, February 8th. This celebration showcased the work of all students in Kindergarten through Grade 6. Both the scientific method and the engineering design process were utilized by students in their projects.
Students in grades K-4 created class projects that were judged by a team including Head of Lower School, Dr. Mo Gaffney, Science Department Chair, Gretchen Feury,  Academic Dean, Bill Zimmerman, Headmaster, George Sanker, Upper School Science Teacher Brian Lee, and Lower School Science Teacher, Matt Johnson. Students in 5th and 6th grade created small group projects and were judged by the Advanced Science students from the Hickory Campus. All students were judged at least twice. The winners are listed below:

STEAM Fair Honorable Mention and Awards
Kindergarten-Grade 4
  • Original Scientific Question
    • 1st Grade
  • Best Use of Technology (ex: meter stick, graduated cylinder, spring scales)
    • 3rd Grade (understanding and use of spring scales)
  • Best Visual presentation of Project
    • 2nd grade
  • Mathematics application (Data tables, measurement, etc.)
    • 1st Leonard (data display)
  • Best Oral Presentation of Project (Prepared Remarks and Questions Answered)
    • 4th Grade
  • “I’m Third” Award (Best Project in stewardship or service of others)
    • Kindergarten

Grade 5
  • 1st
    • “Gummy Bear Osmosis”, Holland Hallock, Sophie Wayner
  • 2nd
    • “Conductive Play-Doh”, Sabrina Springer
  • 3rd:
    • “Incredible Insulation”, Joelle Bessett, Hunter Scherer
Other Awards
  • Original Scientific Question
    • Weiss/Jones  “Catching a Good Night’s Sleep”
  • Best Use of Technology (ex: meter stick, graduated cylinder, spring scales)
    • Morris/Rodriguez “Solar Cars”
  • Best Visual presentation of Project
    • Blurton/Hutchinson “Microwave Madness”
  • Mathematics application (Data tables, measurement, etc.)
    • Olson/Watson “Fidget Toys”
  • Edison Award  (Sticking with it through adversity)
    • Livelli/Kelly “Paint Catapults”
  • “I’m Third” Award (Best Project in stewardship or service of others)
    • Feury/Burton “Filtering Clean”

Grade 6
  • 1st
    • “The Organization Station”, Katie Higgins, Anthony Howard, Kinsley Verbrugge, & Chris Walicek
  • 2nd
    • “The Eco-Board”, Sean Bondi, Sophia Leyshon, Neal Nethula, & Kyle Rajapakse
  • 3rd (Tie)
    • “The Terrific Two-Tiered Table”, Henry Anderson, Cara Hamil, Maddie Kelly, & Jonathan Newton
    • “The Folding Skateboard”, Alex Albaugh, Conor Doran, Patrick Okine
Other Awards
  • Original Design Idea
The Chamberlain - Johnson, Rhodes, Shapowal, and Steeper
  • Best Craftsmanship
The Terrific Two-Tiered Table -Anderson, Hamil, Kelly & Newton
  • Best Visual presentation of Project
The Organization Station - Higgins, Howard, Verbrugge, & Walicek
  • The Carver Award  (Best Transformation of Wooden Pallet)
The Three Way Holder - Barr, Kessick, Lambert, and McClellan
    • 5th Grader Winners Holland Hallock and Sophie Wayner

    • 6th Grade Winners Katie Higgins, Anthony Howard (not pictured), Kinsley Verbrugge, and Chris Walicek (not pictured)

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