Upper School Closing Ceremonies

The following students were recognized during the Upper School Closing Ceremonies:

To watch the recording, use this link. 
Judicial Council
Ryland Dickman
McCallum Fulkerson
Karsten Graham 
Alexa John Hudock
Mary Jones
Will Longnecker
Will Netemeyer
Ryland Patterson
Gabi Walicek 

Honor Council
Lucy Griffin, President
Susannah Carter, Vice President
Jack Barr, Secretary
Melanie Johnson
Stella Maton
Riley Perrault
Daniel Sieminski 

House Leadership

  • Prudentia
    • Jack Barr, President
    • Reese Momorella, Vice President/House Steward
    • Lucy Griffin, Community Service
    • Molly Russell, Class of 2021 Representative
    • Cade Kuehler, Class of 2021 Representative
    • Pauline Gineste, Class of 2022 Representative/Spirit Captain
    • Charlie Barr, Class of 2023 Representative
    • Grace Wolf, Class of 2024 Representative
    • Preston Hutter, Chaplain

  • Fortitudo
    • Teagan Murrie, President
    • Caroline Booker, Vice President/House Steward
    • A.J. Hudock, Community Service
    • Stella Maton, Class of 2021 Representative/Spirit Captain
    • Nathan DeVore, Class of 2021 Representative
    • Sam Kowalski, Class of 2022 Representative
    • Caleb Scott, Class of 2023 Representative
    • Maddie Gardiner, Class of 2024 Representative
    • Caroline Thompson, Chaplain

  • Iustitia
    • Lily Caldejon, President
    • Charlotte Caldejon, Vice President/House Steward
    • Susannah Carter, Community Service
    • Cindy Buezo-Sanchez, Class of 2021 Representative
    • McKean Knowlton, Class of 2021 Representative
    • Kendall Verbrugge, Class of 2022 Representative
    • Graham Carter, Class of 2023 Representative/Spirit Captain
    • Henry Hallock, Class of 2024 Representative
    • Isabella Harris, Chaplain

  • Temperantia
    • Daniel Sieminski, President
    • Abi Shim, Vice President
    • Hayden Pritchett, Community Service
    • Cece Ward, Class of 2021 Representative
    • Ryland Dickman, Class of 2021 Representative
    • Mary Lawson, Class of 2022 Representative
    • Paige Hutchinson, Class of 2024 Representative
    • Christina Yost, Chaplain

Spirit of Covenant Awards
Grace Wolf, Teddy Lepage- Grade 9
Katelyn Duprey, Caleb Scott- Grade 10
Gabi Walicek, Sam Kowalski- Grade 11
Erin Flynn, Hayden Prichett- Grade 12

Ann Foster Leadership Award (Grade 9)
Sophia Brissett
Brayden Ragland

William B Copeland Award (Grade 10)
Lily Durden
Caleb Beale

Don Rosser Leadership Award (Grade 11)
Melanie Johnson
Preston Hutter

Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award (Grade 12)
Teagan Murrie

Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Award (Grade 12) 
Jack Barr

Arts- Book Awards
Art 1 - Cambria Jones
Art 2 - Avery Paladino
Art 3- Miriam DeVore
Art 4- Isabella Harris
Photography- Henry Hallock
Upper School Band- Micayla Rawling
Upper School Honors Instrumental Ensemble- Christina Yost
Drumline- Will Bachman
Covenant Singers & A Capella- Brooke Smith, Charlie Lepage
Intro to Teaher- Grace Wolf
Acting 1- Nathan Klintworth
Acting Studio- Julia Christensen
Arts Career Award - Emma Schlichting

English Book Awards
Modern Literature (Grade 9) - Cara McClain
Honors Modern Literature (Grade 9) Max Horner
American Literature (Grade 10) Ana Livelli
Honors American Literature (Grade 10) Hannah Olson
Humanities- Western Literature (Grade 11)- Brooke Smith
Honors Humanities- Western Literature- Gabi Wlicek
British Literature (Grade 12)- Julia Christensen
Advanced British Literature (Grade 12) - Lucy Griffin
Yearbook - Miriam DeVore
Career- Isabella Harris

Foreign Language Book Awards
Latin 2 - Eliana Rogers
Latin 3- Sophia Brissett
Honors Latin 4 - Nathan Klintworth
Advanced Latin Seminar - Will NEtemeyer
French 1- Paige Hutchinson
French 2- Lina Tiouririne
French 3- hannah Olson
Honors French 4- Jack Karpoe
Spanish 1 - Grace Wolf
Spanish 2- Cambria Jones
Accelerated Spanish 2 - Will Netemeyer
Spanish 3- Sam Kowalski
Accelerated Spanish 3 - Caroline Booker
Honors Spanish 4- Isabella Harris
AP Spanish- Susannah Carter
Foreign Language Career - Ryland Dickman

History Book Awards
Western Civ 2 (Grade 9)- Mark Wamhoff
Honors Western Civ 2 (Grade 9)- Chaehadeh Pour
Us HIstory (Grade 10) Michaela Bessett
Honors US History (Grade 10) Hannah Olson
Humanities: Western Thought (Grade 11)- Stephen Abadir
US Government (Grade 12)- Erin Flynn
AP US Government and Politics (Grade 12) - Ryland Dickman
Career Award- Lucy Griffin

Math Book Awards
Integrated Math 3-Eliana Rogers
Integrated Math 4-Aida Tiouririne
Integrated Math 5-Ruby Maton
Accelerated Integrated Math 3-Grace Wolf
Accelerated Integrated Math 4-Nathan Klintworth
Precalculus- Brooke Smith
Honors Calculus-Cindy Buezo-Sanchez
AP Statistics-Caroline Booker
AP Calculus AB-Preston Hutter
AP Calculus BC- Len Colley
Math Career Annalee Hostege

Science Book Awards
Biology-Grace Wolf
AP Biology-Daniel Sieminski
Chemistry-Aida Tiouririne
Honors Chemistry-Ariana Alimard
AP Chemistry-Preston Hutter
Environmental Systems-Caroline Thompson
Environmental Seminar-Danie Leyshon
Physics-Teagan Murrie
Honors Physics with Calculus-Caroline Booker
Advanced Physics-Beau Yates
Career Award- Susannah Carter

Theology Book Awards
Christ In  History (Grade9) - Owen Bradley
Chris and our Questions (Grade 10)- Caleb Beale
Christ and Reality (Grade11)-Preston Hutter
Christ and Humanity (Grade 12) - Ryland Dickman
Theology Career Award- Christina Yost

Swing-Set Club Members
Susannah Carter
Julia Christensen
Nathan DeVore
Jack Taggart
Ryland Dickman

Eagle Scholar-Athlete Award
Teagan Murrie
Cade Kuehler

Sherry Oster Award
 Susannah Carter
Head of School Award
Daniel Sieminski

Living Well Award (Faculty)
Thomas Fickley

The Freshman Of the Year
Maddox Nelson

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