A Covenant Education

DSC_3566a webPre-Kindergarten through Grade Twelve

The Covenant School is committed to providing a traditional, Christian Liberal Arts and Sciences education with strong academic standards. Students acquire skills that will enable them to solve varying problems in a fast-changing world. The faculty incorporates the school motto, “Academic Excellence under the Sovereignty of God,” into the curriculum and in the classroom. Students learn as they investigate ideas, practice skills, follow examples, think creatively, and evaluate critically. Competency in the fundamentals is stressed, but teachers are also expected to draw upon a variety of resources and methods to ensure that all students are learning to their potential.

The goal of instruction at The Covenant School is to prepare young people for life. We believe that students need to be guided and challenged in every area of their development: moral, intellectual, and physical. They need to grow in their relationship with God and in their relationships with others. We believe that this development can best occur in a Christian community dedicated to excellence and objective inquiry into the truth.