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The Small Study Room: A Student-Driven Initiative

The small study room in the Upper School Library underwent a complete makeover this summer thanks to the efforts of the student Library Committee. The committee consists of fifteen students in various grades who, because of their love of the library, have taken ownership in helping guide library planning and policies. Funds raised at the Covenant… Read more »

Lessons from Watermarks Camp

The annual fifth and sixth grade retreat to Watermarks Camp took place on a beautiful Tuesday this September. Students enjoyed the late summer weather, the lake, the blob, moleball, and human foosball. During the day, students broke into small groups to discuss a topic that has been the focus of the Lower School’s spiritual life this year: how… Read more »

Prove It!

By: Susannah S. Willetts, Lower School Math Coordinator Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m not a math person!”? I used to think this, especially when I was in elementary school. As a young student, I needed time to understand why and how math worked. Sadly, this was not what was expected in my primary… Read more »

Advanced Ensemble Challenges and Inspires

This year, Covenant’s Fine Arts Department has added the Ensemble Choir made up of ten high school students to bring Upper School choir offerings to a new and higher level. The advanced ensemble—whose members are also a part of Covenant Singers—will sing at a nursing home in December, and perform in all school-wide concerts, Chapel, and… Read more »

Chapel Theme Setting the Tone

By: Bryan Verbrugge, Upper School Chaplain and Grade 12 Bible Teacher Teenagers live in a world of competing allegiances. How disorienting that must feel. The questions provoked by life in America today in some ways aren’t new, but in many ways are deeper and more pressing than ever before. Because of this, we have chosen… Read more »

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