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Covenant Hosts Singapore Math Expert

World-renown math educator Dr. Yeap Ban Har spent three days working with faculty, students, and parents at The Covenant School last week. Ban Har led classroom lessons, a parent night discussion, and a full-day professional development conference for 119 educators from across the state, North Carolina, and D.C. He is principal of the Marshall Cavendish… Read more »

Remarkable Faculty: Susy Willetts

Susy Willetts teaches Math 5 and Math 6 at the Lower School and serves as the Lower School math coordinator. She engages students using the Singapore method and works as a bridge, cultivating their math learning at the Lower School into preparedness for successful comprehension in their classes at the Upper School. How is the Singapore Math curriculum distinctive at the Lower School? Singapore… Read more »

Remarkable Faculty: Sam Heath

Sam Heath is a faculty member of Covenant’s Upper School. Serving in the history department as a Western Civilization and US History teacher, Sam’s contributions are far reaching.  How is history the story of the search for truth? History teaches us that all people and cultures look for truth. The fascinating truth about truth is… Read more »

Remarkable Faculty: Nicole Brooks

Nicole Brooks is fourth grade teacher at the Lower School. Having served as an educator for many years, Nicole enjoys bringing the Christian Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum to life for her students. What makes grade-level teaching teams so effective at the Lower School? Teaching teams are beneficial because teachers have an opportunity to instruct in their… Read more »

Remarkable Faculty: Gretchen Feury

Gretchen Feury is a member of the Upper School Science teaching team. Now in her second year at The Covenant School, Gretchen teaches Foundations of Chemistry & Physics and Earth Systems. She also serves as the Middle School Science Fair Co-Coordinator. Tell us about the importance of hands-on work in your science classes. As a… Read more »

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