Introduction to Culinary Arts

This semester, Middle School students have been enjoying our newest elective, “Introduction to the Culinary Arts.” This life-skill course teaches students basic culinary skills, how to create healthy dishes, and discusses the economics of food and world flavors.
Monica Jordan, a current Covenant parent, has a background in Event Corporate and Small Business Marketing. She has been the sous chef at multiple restaurants and has served as a specialized personal chef/caterer. In addition to teaching, she currently serves as the head chef at First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen where she serves 95-150 patrons each Wednesday.  “Cooking has always been my creative outlet and a passion of mine,” Jordan says.

Each class begins with a discussion, demonstration and then a hands-on component. Heavy emphasis is placed in the beginning of the course on knife skills, mise en place, sauteing, flavor balancing, the power of egg, and acids versus bases.  Each class builds upon the skills previously learned while introducing new and different kitchen tools.

So far, students have enjoyed learning how to make a basic omelet, the secret behind a roux, the needed ingredients in mirepoix, as well as homemade tortillas. Future lessons include crepes, empanadas, and raspberry sauce. The course will conclude with a cooking competition and a chocolate course. 

Mrs. Jordan also recently collaborated with our third-grade students on our Birdwood Campus with their grade-level service project. Students used the vegetables grown in the Covenant gardens to help prepare meals to serve the homeless at First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen in early November. (view the NBC 29 coverage here)

Students at multiple grade levels are enjoying the energy Mrs. Jordan brings to the classroom kitchen experience and discovering ways they can apply these skills to make a difference in the community.

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