Students Recognized for Outstanding Contributions

As the last few weeks of the school year came to a close, a number of students received awards for their outstanding contributions to the Covenant community. The following students were recognized at our Upper School Closing Ceremony, Middle School Closing Ceremony, or our Senior Celebration.
Each department chair recognized one senior with a Career Academic Award for outstanding achievement within their department over the entire course of their academic career at Covenant.
Arts Career Award
Charlotte Caldejon
English Career Award
Gabi Walicek
Foreign Language Career Award
Will Netemeyer
History Career Award
Seth Sexton
Math Career Award
Len Colley
Science Career Award
Preston Hutter
Theology Career Award
Melanie Johnson

We also recognized our finalists and overall winner for the Cicero Competition.
Cicero Competition Finalists
Preston Hutter
Jillian Dickman
Melanie Johnson
Len Colley
Cicero Competition Winner
Seth Sexton, for his presentation on Isolationism and Afghanistan

The Spirit of Covenant Awards are presented to one male and one female student in each grade whom the faculty recognize as having been exceptional stewards of the abilities God has given them.
Seth Sexton
Melanie Johnson
Stella Dulan
Matthew Fittro
Lucy Hunter
Teddy Lepage
Peter Fast
Sengjamai Sumhka
RJ Corbey
Emilia Jones
Addy Anderson
Ed Flick
Ben Berget
Evie Wayner

The Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Awards are character awards given to students who have been selected by their peers. 
Daughters of the American Revolution Award
Charlotte Caldejon, Grade 12
Sons of the American Revolution Award
Len Colley, Grade 12
Benny Will, Grade 6

The Chaplain’s Award is given every year to a student who distinguishes himself or herself in the spiritual life of the school and in service to the school. This year's winner is:
Preston Hutter

The Sherry Oster Servanthood Award was created to honor our former long-time employee, Sherry Oster, who was the behind-the-scenes reason for the success of hundreds of events over her eighteen years of commitment to the school.  This award recognizes a student from this year’s senior class who represents this servant’s heart. The student who best exemplified the spirit of this award is:
Jillian Dickman

Each year we give The Covenant School Head of School Award to a graduating senior who best exemplifies our collective vision of an ideal Covenant graduate.  We look for love of God and neighbor, the pursuit of wisdom and truth, stewardship of the community in which God has placed us, and all the intangible traits which we dream will be present in our graduates. This year's winner is:
Len Colley

The Cum Laude Diploma is awarded to students who have earned a weighted cumulative GPA of 4.20-4.39 or higher.  The following students achieved this honor:
Riley Perrault
Brady Jackson
Will Netemeyer

The Magna Cum Laude Diploma is awarded to students who have earned a weighted cumulative GPA of 4.40-4.49 or higher.  The following students have completed the requirement necessary to be awarded the Magna Cum Laude Diploma:
Gabi Walicek
Miriam DeVore
Beau Yates
The Summa Cum Laude Diploma is awarded to students who earn a cumulative GPA of 4.50 or higher.  The following students have met the requirements necessary to be awarded the Summa Cum Laude Diploma:
Len Colley
Caroline Booker
Preston Hutter
George Raynor

Swingset Club members are students who have been with us for their entire primary and secondary school education.The 2022 Swingset Club members are:
Caroline Booker
Dorothy Briggs
Miriam DeVore
Jillian Dickman
Preston Hutter
Brady Jackson
William Netemeyer
Riley Perrault
Hailey Taggart
Kendall Verbrugge

Among this year's numerous athletic accomplishments by students throughout the school, the following seniors received individual awards.
  • Pauline Gineste:
    • BRC field hockey player of the year
    • First-team All-State
    • All-Central-Virginia
  • Reese Momorella:
    • BRC field hockey All-Conference
    • 2nd Team All-State
    • Winner of the Eagle Scholar-Athlete award
  • Matthew Knowles:
    • 1st team All-State for XC
    • All-Central-Virginia for wrestling
    • Winner of the Eagle Scholar-Athlete award
  • Karsten Graham:
    • VIC basketball 1st team All-Conference
    • Honorable mention All-Central VA
    • 2nd team All-State for soccer
  • Preston Hutter:
    • VIC All-Conference for swimming
  • Claire Rude:
    • BRC All-Conference for swimming
  • Matthew Farina:
    • VIC First Team All-Conference for tennis
  • Rowan Hart:
    • VIC Second Team All-Conference for lacrosse
In addition to the awards listed above, the following awards were presented:

Ann Foster Leadership Award
London Constant
Ann Foster Leadership Award
Christopher Walicek
William B. Copeland Award
Grace Wolf
William B. Copeland Award
Bryce Yates
Dois Rosser Leadership Award
Hannah Olson
Dois Rosser Leadership Award
Darrius Tyler
Head of School Award
Domenic Colley
Eagle Scholar-Athlete Award
Reese Momorella
Eagle Scholar-Athlete Award
Matthew Knowles
Jeremy Pinkerton Grammarian Award
Sophie Wayner
Grade 8 Leadership Award
Allen Howard
Grade 8 Capstone - Top Presentation
Henry Waldruff
Grade 7 Matthew B. Swanson Award (Fruit of the Spirit)
Clive Euans

Art 1
Katie Higgins
Art 2
Eleri Euans
Honors Art 3
Josie Laugelli
Honors Art 4
Kaden Kardell
Photography 1
Carter Kardell
Photography 2
Owen Bradley
Upper School Band
Brady Jackson
Upper School Honors Instrumental Ensemble
Micayla Rawling
Beau Yates
A Capella
Melanie Johnson
Covenant Singers
Gianna Miller & Kayla Anderson
Chapel Music
Melanie Johnson
Intro to Theater
Arjun Marwah
Acting 1
Ryland Patterson
Caleb Beale
Chloe Doran

English Department
Modern Literature - Grade 9
Josh Wickersty
Honors Modern Literature - Grade 9
Katie Higgins
American Literature - Grade 10
Eliana Rogers
Honors American Literature - Grade 10
Lolo Kincel
Humanities - Western Literature- Grade 11
Presley Brill
Honors Humanities - Western Literature - Grade 11
Caleb Beale
British Literature - Grade 12
Seth Sexton
Advanced British Literature - Grade 12
Len Colley

Foreign Language
Latin 2
Peter Fast
Latin 3
Kinsley Verbrugge
Honors Latin 4
Logan Hamil
Advanced Latin Seminar
Nathan Klintworth
French 1
Sophie Lambert
French 2
Jason Chen
French 3
Aida Tiouririne
Honors French 4
Anna Kate Simpson
Spanish 1
Amy Rigg
Spanish 2
Cara McClain
Accelerated Spanish 2
Elise Klintworth
Spanish 3
Katie Lowe
Acclerated Spanish 3
Lily Durden
Honors Spanish 4
Melanie Johnson
AP Spanish
Brady Jackson

History Department
Western Civ 2 - Grade 9
Fernanda d'Amiano Solis
Honors Western Civ 2 - Grade 9
Ward Wilkinson
US History - Grade 10
Sinclair Hart
Honors US History - Grade 10
Grace Wolf
Humanities: Western Thought - Grade 11
Andrew Shackleford
US Government - Grade 12
Pauline Gineste
AP US Govt. & Politics - Grade 12
Brady Jackson

Math Department
Integrated Math 3
London Constant
Integrated Math 4
Eliza Pouncey
Integrated Math 5
Presley Brill
Accelerated Integrated Math 3
Kinsley Verbrugge
Accelerated Integrated Math 4
Moriah McCaskill
Lina Tiouririne
Honors Calculus
Reese Momorella
AP Statistics
Stephen Abadir
AP Calculus AB
Hannah Olson
AP Calculus BC
Preston Hutter

Science Department
Katie Higgins
AP Biology
Len Colley
Sophia Schlicht
Honors Chemistry
Logan Hamil
AP Chemistry
Stephen Abadir
Honors Environmental Seminar
John Bottas
Owen Lewis
Honors Physics with Calculus
Nathan Klintworth
Advanced Physics
Len Colley

Theology Department
Theology 9 - Christ in History
Delaney Poindexter
Theology 10 - Christ and our Questions
Chaehadeh Pour
Theology 11 - Christ and Reality
Moriah McCaskill
Theology 12 - Christ and Humanity
Seth Sexton


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