Hickory Innovation Space

The Covenant School continues to develop its intentional Christian Liberal Arts and Science (CLAS) curriculum following the vision, philosophy, and design that only quality interdisciplinary leadership can generate.
Our desire to create unique spaces that support our CLAS vision for STEAM has led to the collaborative design and physical build-out on the Hickory Campus.   

The physical layout of the innovation space promotes:
  • Communication - sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions (with students leading, and teachers guiding & encouraging)
  • Collaboration - working together to reach a common goal through the use of collective talent and expertise  
  • Critical Thinking - linking subject discipline (using interdisciplinary methods of pedagogy) and looking at problems in a new way; teaching for deep understanding and not just facts
  • Creativity - innovation and invention; new approaches to old problems

This design phase included several special features unique to the Innovation Space: a blend of natural light with banks of electrical lighting that is key for safety and reflection of work… electrical access from ceiling drop plugs, and intentional spacing along outer walls, to access flexibility and safety... development of unique workstations which are flexible in their grouping capabilities and practical with storage… solid wooden work surfaces to allow for unobstructed design and build workspace… vast storage, including large closets with shelves and hooks to assist in the care and protection of materials… deep sinks and cleaning stations… installation of an LED projector and computer, for presentations as well as the researching of ideas.

The materials support the lessons and projects our students use in both Arts and Science classes. A hybrid blend of simple tools, combined with modern flair of newer technologies, will permit students to learn skills and cultivate habits first. Later, as those skills develop, students will employ new technologies to complete meaningful tasks that are connected to our curriculum. This concept is continuing the quality project-based learning foundations that our students have formed at the Birdwood Campus, and introduces Hickory Campus students to the joys of intentional work!

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