Why Give?


Supporting the Mission

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make, and we are grateful you believe Covenant’s program of academic rigor and spiritual formation will equip your son or daughter for college and beyond. We also hope you will take time to thoughtfully consider the needs of our school, and the role you can play in supporting our mission.

Independent School Funding Structure

No matter where your child attends school, money is needed for academic excellence. Public schools are funded primarily through taxes. The Covenant School and other private schools – also referred to as independent schools – are non-profit organizations with a funding model that includes both tuition and fundraising.

Annual Giving

At most independent schools, tuition covers most of the basic costs of educating students each year. However, there is a gap between actual costs and what parents pay. The reason is simple: If schools charged the full amount to educate each student, many families would not be able to afford it. Instead, the gap is made up through fundraising. At Covenant, the annual auction and the Covenant Fund bridge the gap. These donations are used to pay for instructional materials, technology tools, professional development for our faculty, and many other things needed to operate the school day to day.

The Importance of Parent Participation

Our desire for parents to pay tuition and donate may seem unreasonable, but we know that you make tax-deductible donations to causes you believe in, like your church, the Red Cross, or a political party. We ask you to give to Covenant for similar reasons: because you believe in Christian education, because you value the work of our teachers, and because you want Covenant to offer your child the best programs and facilities money can buy.

The percentage of parents who give each year is also important because grant-makers often require us to report the donation statistics of our community. Strong parent participation in The Covenant Fund is indicative of a healthy school, and our 100% in 100 Days Campaignfor the Covenant Fund is a fun way to encourage families to donate.

A Broad Base of Support

There is a large community of generous people who choose to invest in your child’s education each year, including our board of directors, school personnel, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends. In addition to the Covenant Fund and the auction, Covenant receives donations for scholarships, facilities, and programs, totaling more than $1 million each year.

We are humbled and blessed by God’s provision through the generosity of everyone in the Covenant family, and we ask you to remember three things as you make your gift to the Covenant Fund:

  1. A gift of any amount helps us reach our goal of 100% parent participation. Our dollars combined help to make Covenant a strong, prosperous school.
  2. Giving annually enables us to budget wisely and sustain the many blessings your child now enjoys at Covenant.
  3. Increasing your giving incrementally each year enables Covenant to improve programs and facilities even more. Giving Circles offer a framework as you consider increasing your gift.