Upper School


By the time Covenant students reach the Upper School, they have gained a firm foundation in the Christian Liberal Arts and Sciences, while students new to The Covenant School are welcomed and skillfully guided into the program. The goal of instruction at the Upper School is to move deeper into the Great Conversation of Western civilization and to acquire a voice increasingly informed by the truths of the Christian faith. That teaching inspires wise decision-making, strong character formation, and lifelong intellectual, moral, and spiritual habits.

At the Upper School, challenging courses allow students to develop a deep and sophisticated understanding of a wide-ranging body of knowledge. Gifted teachers combine a thorough understanding of their discipline with a solid grasp of biblical truth. Covenant students achieve consistently high SAT and AP scores and acceptances to fine colleges and universities, yet the most rewarding outcome of such a vibrant academic culture is highly engaged young people well-equipped to meet challenges and seize opportunities that await them in their years beyond Covenant.

The Upper School offers a rigorous, comprehensive program to prepare young adults for life after Covenant. The college-preparatory curriculum employs the best of classical and modern thought, science and mathematics, foreign language, and history. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are offered in all the core disciplines and the fine arts. Students receive support and guidance from their academic advisor to choose a course selection sequence that challenges and prepares them to achieve their goals.

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