Study Skills


Study Skills is a fall trimester course for seventh and eighth grade students. The skills and strategies of this class emphasize the ways in which students acquire information, store that information, and then express the information at a level that demonstrates competence. Instead of a study skills exam, students develop study guides for all their other classes to prepare for first trimester exams.  These study guides in English, Latin, Math, and Science serve as the exam grade in study skills.

What are the areas of focus in this course?

Grade 7

  • Learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic, visual
  • Time management
  • Listening skills
  • Strategies for studying and test taking
  • Positive study environments
  • Effective organization
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Research skills

Grade 8

  • Seven Highly Effective Habits seminar
  • Learning styles and modalities:
    concrete/abstract; sequential/random; global/analytical
  • Plagiarism and documentation
  • Cyber learning (12-step reading comprehension program)
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Variety of learning tools: mnemonics, mind & work maps,
    chunking, visualizing, diagrams