Service Structure


Mark Your Calendars to Volunteer!

In an effort to serve our community without overburdening families, the Advancement Office and The PTC created the Grade/House service project structure. This structure allows families in each Grade and House to focus their time and talents on one or two pre-determined events spread out over the year. Homeroom and House Parents will communicate your designated events and guide you through the sign-up process. Please click the live links on each project and plan ahead for ways you can volunteer!

 2016-17 Covenant Service Project Assignments

Pre-K: Parent’s Choice and Covenant Fund *see note below

Kindergarten: Grandparents’ Day and Covenant Fund

Grade 1: Teacher Appreciation Week and Covenant Fund

Grade 2: Lower School Book Fair, March Conference Meal, and Covenant Fund

Grade 3: Live Nativity, Spring Carnival, and Covenant Fund

Grade 4: November Conference Meal, Parent-Faculty Basketball Game concessions, and Covenant Fund

Grade 5: Auction and Covenant Fund

Grade 6: Fall Fest and Covenant Fund

Temperantia: Spring Carnival and Covenant Fund

Fortitudo: Teacher Appreciation Week and Covenant Fund

Iustitia: November Conference Meals and Covenant Fund

Prudentia: Auction and Covenant Fund

PTC Board: Flower Sales, End-of-year Staff Luncheon

Faculty/Staff: Various Rotations with Houses and Grades

*Pre-K Choice: We welcome our new Pre-Schoolers and their families to Covenant! We are so happy that you have joined our amazing school and we invite you to discover all of the activities that build community and support your child’s education. Because the Covenant Fund is the most important fundraiser, we ask you to focus your giving efforts there. You may certainly volunteer for any project as life with your little one allows, but primarily, we want your family to enjoy being served whenever you attend events throughout the year. Then look forward to finding ways to participate more as your child moves up at Covenant.