Our Sure Foundation

The campaign has inspired donors to name spaces at Covenant in honor of special people like retired Lower School librarian, Doris Vander Meulen.

With joy we celebrate the conclusion of Our Sure Foundation: Covenant’s Campaign for Continued Excellence.

Because of the Campaign…

  • Covenant’s long-term debt has been reduced by $5.3 million
  • Covenant’s annual debt service has been reduced by $780,000
  • Faculty compensation now aligns with VAIS benchmarks
  • Technology enhancements have occurred at both campuses
  • Financial aid has increased by over $700,000
  • Beautification and deferred maintenance projects continue to occur

We are grateful to all those who made a pledge or gift to this important effort which raised more than $2.2 million. Because of you, Covenant is stronger than ever and poised for programmatic growth. We will celebrate with you at the Cornerstone Circle Reception on November 14, 2015 from 5-7pm at The Greencroft Club.


Dr. & Mrs. Reid B. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Alley
Mr. & Mrs. W. Ward Anderson, Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. Michael L. Arnold
Dr. & Mrs. John T. Ashley
Bank of America Matching Gifts Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Baker
Mrs. Kristin Baltes
Mrs. Martha Bar
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Beattie
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Berrey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Berry, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Boersma
Mr. David Brautigan & Mrs. Mary Foley
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Campbell
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce T. Carter
Dr. & Mrs. Christian Carter
Mr. Kaining Chan and Mrs. Li Lee
Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Cogswell III
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Colberg
Mr. & Mrs. Clark Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Collmus
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Cox, Jr.
The Hon. & Mrs. B. Waugh Crigler
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Crouch
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Dahnert
Mr. & Mrs. William Daley
Mr. & Mrs. Frans A. de Jong
Dr. & Mrs. Michael DeVore
Mr. & Mrs. John Dezio
Dr. & Mrs. David R. Diduch
Dr. Joseph M. DiGirolamo & Dr. Janice E. DiGirolamo
Mr. Leslie B. Disharoon
Ms. Jane D. S. Dittmar & Mr. Frank Squillace
Mr. & Mrs. Carlton E. Dixon, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Eaton
Mr. & Mrs. Earnest Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Farrar
Mr. & Mrs. Jared Feury
Dr. & Mrs. Bobby D. Findley II
The Rev. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Fishwick
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gaffney
Mr. Benjamin C. Gathright
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Gilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Gilliam, Sr.
Dr. Caroline Godine & Dr. Richard L. Godine
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Grant
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Ned K. Gumble
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guthrie
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hall
Mr. Nelson Ham ’01
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Ham
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Harar
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Heinsohn
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Hill
Mr. Ray Hogan, Jr.
Mr. William P. Huddleston & Ms. Dorianne Boudreau
Ms. Alyssa Humphreys & Mr. Jarrett Cwik
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Jennings III
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Jessup, Jr.
Mr. Bruce S. Jones & Mrs. Elizabeth Taliaferro-Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Jordan
Mr. Timothy Jordan & Ms. Leah M. Foradori
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelly
Drs. Jee Young & Yong Seo Kim
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Kohr
Mr. Eric T. Landis & Ms. Kristin O. Landis
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Lee
Mrs. Li Lee & Mr. Kaining Chan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Luck, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Maupin
Ms. Brittany May
Mr. & Mrs. Jason McClain
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGlothlin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meakem
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Meakem
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Merrill
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Meulenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Nolan
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Oakes
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perrault
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Rodriguez
Dr. Margaret W. Rose & Dr. Tim R. Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Sanker
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Carl D. Seelman
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Taggart IV
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Taggart III
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Hank Thiess
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Trevillian
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan R. Verbrugge
Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Verbrugge
Mr. & Mrs. Graham S. Wellborn
Mr. Joe Whitley
Dr. Christopher J. Whitten & Dr. Kim M. Whitten
Mr. Seth Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. R. Craig Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Baldwin J. Wood
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Yancey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Zimmerman