Lower School

DSC_0136Joy in learning begins in the Lower School, from pre-kindergarten through grade six. We believe a child’s curiosity is innate and God-given, and we work to cultivate that in the primary years. Our students are provided opportunities to explore and to make discoveries across academic disciplines that will enhance their understanding of the world around them. Spiritual formation is nurtured through classroom devotions, weekly chapel services, and the practice of serving others in love and humility.

Each morning begins with classroom gatherings, a time for children to build community and pray for their day. Students are taught appropriate social skills—firm handshakes and strong eye contact, sharing and listening skills—because we believe that when children feel comfortable socially, they are more likely to take risks academically.

The school day is structured thoughtfully, yet allows for flexibility. From finding pleasure in a good book, to drawing maps from memory, to competing in a chess tournament, Lower School students love to learn.

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