Our Libraries


Lower School

The Vander Meulen Library, which contains over 16,000 materials, supports and enriches the curriculum of the school, promotes the love of reading, and encourages students to properly use research materials and books. In addition to reading weekly to all students in Pre-K through Grade 4, the librarian provides assistance to all students and faculty in the use of library materials. Parent volunteers also help maintain the library and assist Covenant’s full-time librarian.

The library is fully automated with a computerized catalog and circulation system. Students are encouraged to use the library for research and pleasure. Additionally, a library lab is used by students for keyboarding and computer education classes as well as writing reports and conducting research. A Student Use of Technology permission form must be signed prior to a student accessing the Internet.

Upper School

The Thomas Library at Covenant’s Upper School serves students in Grades 7 through 12, with a range of offerings, including over 4,000 volumes, reference materials, numerous periodicals, and audio-visual materials. These resources give access to information that supports school-related projects and research. In addition to the print collection, students have access to several online databases, electronic newspapers, a bibliographic maker for smart research.

The Upper School library also houses a computer lab equipped with 23 computers and a mobile cart with 18 laptops. The computers are used for teacher-led projects and research as well as by individual students. One librarian and two support staff members are available to help students answer reference questions, guide students in bibliographic instruction, and help with computer skills.

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