Dress Code and Uniforms

DSC_4860a webThe Covenant School’s dress code serves several important functions: It fosters community identity; it reduces possible sources of distraction to the learning process; it helps create an atmosphere of orderliness, conscientiousness, purposefulness, dignity, and decorum that best allows the important work of the school to be carried on. All Covenant students have the responsibility to dress in a manner appropriate for and respectful of the learning environment, observing the individual spirit as well as the specific guidelines of the dress code.

Students occasionally have opportunities to wear non-uniform clothing or school spirit clothing to school. Lower School allows relaxed dress clothing each Friday. Upper School students have two relaxed dress opportunities each month. One of these will be a House relaxed dress day. More information on the guidelines around Relaxed Dress Days can be found within the 2015-16 Dress Code Guidelines below.

Dress Code Guidelines – Upper School

LOWER SCHOOL 2016-17 Dress Code:
Dress Code Guidelines – Lower School