College Advising

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Preparing young people for the future is a job we take seriously and is reflected in our core values, curriculum, and caliber of our faculty. The Covenant School offers 14 Advanced Placement courses and 15 Honors courses within the curriculum. These and other rigorous college-preparatory classes provide high school students opportunities to master an extensive body of knowledge and the study skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

The doors to our Advising Office are always open as a place for students to meet with experienced counseling staff. There students can learn about themselves and the professions which best suit them. Using this knowledge, they can identify the colleges or universities that allow them to continue in their journey of growing intellectually, morally, and spiritually as they look towards future vocational goals.

Our Director of Academic and College Advising travels and maintains relationships with college officers nationwide, and also hosts over fifty admission representatives at our school each fall. Evening programs and college workshops through the year highlight the college admission process, financial aid options, and scholarship information. Faculty who have invested in their students are equipped to write personal college recommendation letters for every senior.

It is no surprise that Covenant graduates routinely enroll in distinguished, competitive colleges; ones that best fit their individual educational goals.