Athletic Participation

Participation in sports at The Covenant School is both a privilege and an important part of a child’s education. We believe that sportsmanship, hard work, teamwork, and fair play are the building blocks of a sound athletic program. While winning is valued, there is an overriding emphasis on attitude. Over 70% of our students participate on at least one athletic team, while many students participate on several teams. This high participation rate reflects the inclusive nature of the athletic program, the quality of the coaching staff, the camaraderie of our teams, and the enjoyment that athletics provide. Students may participate on a team as long as they maintain good citizenship and solid grades. Academics take precedence over athletic involvement, and the athletic department works closely with teachers to monitor students’ academic standing as a prerequisite to participation in sports.

Students at Covenant are encouraged to approach the physical aspect of their education with enthusiasm, whether they earn the required credits through physical education classes, participating on a Covenant athletic team, participating in a personal fitness training program, or playing on a team outside the school.

Students in Grades 7 and 8 are required to earn two physical education credits during their two years (i.e. one per year) of middle school. Students in Grades 9 through 12 must earn two physical education credits during their 4 high school years in order to graduate. Students at the Upper School (Grades 7 through 12) have an opportunity to participate in Varsity and Junior Varsity interscholastic sports. For girls, cross-country, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, softball, tennis, and golf are offered. Boys may participate in cross-country, soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, golf, lacrosse, and tennis.

Physical education is a highly valued part of the curriculum in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6. Students learn the fundamental body mechanics of fine motor, gross motor, manipulative, and locomotor skills along with the many benefits that physical activity alongside nutrition provide. Students in Pre-K through Grade 1 have physical education 5 times a week, while students in Grades 2 – 6 have physical education 4 times a week. The goal of the physical education program is to foster the love for movement that children already have by showing them how and why our bodies were made to move. Our students are continually encouraged to advocate for and teach others about health and wellness whether in class or at home with family and friends.