2017 – 2018 Tuition & Fees

Pre-K Half-Day     $ 9,150
Pre-K Full-Day     $10,500

Grades K-4          $13,950
Grades 5-6           $14,850
Grades 7-12         $16,700
International Students click here for more information about the application process and to learn more about international student tuition costs to attend The Covenant School.

Tuition Payment Options:

  • Eleven Monthly Payments* (July through May)
  • Quarterly Payments (July, October, January, April)
  • Two Annual Payments (July and December)
  • One-Time Annual Payment (due July 1)

*The purchase of the Tuition Protection Plan (TPP) insurance at 3% of total tuition is required for monthly payers and optional for other payment plans. Click here for terms of TPP.


Register with FACTS for online tuition management
If you have questions, you may review this list of Frequently Asked Questions about FACTS or contact our Student Billing Office at 951-9381 or FACTS at 866-441-4637.


Approximately 46% of Covenant’s students receive tuition assistance in the form of financial aid and scholarship awards. A robust financial aid program is available for students entering Kindergarten through Grade 12 to families who demonstrate need through an annual online application process with FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment prior to the March 1 deadline. Please note that the FACTS financial aid process and link are different from the FACTS tuition management registration. Contact the Admissions and Financial Aid Office at 434-220-7330 for details.


  • Students will also incur a few additional expenses, depending on grade level including uniforms, textbooks, student fees, optional after-school program for PK-6, AP testing, and occasional overnight class trips. For full details about tuition and fees, click here.