Portrait of a Covenant Graduate

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The Covenant School seeks to promote the moral, intellectual, and physical development of young people. We foster the virtues of faith, wisdom, and love through the pursuit of academic excellence and the recognition of God’s sovereignty over his creation. We nurture our students, challenging them to follow the example of Jesus Christ, to achieve through self-discipline, to lead by service to others, and to grow in knowledge and virtue.


Covenant desires to see its graduates love God with all of their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. We present opportunities which draw students to:

  • Encounter Christ and His message through Scripture, community prayer devotion, and the observation of leadership by example
  • See God as the source of all that is true, good, and beautiful
  • Pursue virtue as revealed in Christ
  • Love their neighbors through community service, both locally and globally
  • Develop a life-long commitment to responsibility and service to others
  • Promote an atmosphere of safety, dignity, and respect for all


Covenant’s faculty and programs are chosen with a view to developing within our students three core intellectual strengths.

I. The ability to live and think with truth, wisdom, and independence
This ability is fostered through instruction and encouragement aimed at cultivating:

  • A biblical, scholarly, and moral framework as a foundation for intellectual development and decision-making
  • The intellectual skills taught through the liberal arts and sciences such that students are able to apply them across the disciplines
  • A view of learning and life as integrated in and through Christ
  • A grasp of the great ideas of mankind, with an acknowledged emphasis on the heritage of Western Civilization
  • Aesthetic skills and sensibilities in scholarly and artistic endeavors, reflecting the good world God created
  • The perspective to view every subject in terms of its historical and cultural narrative

II. The skill to listen carefully, reason wisely, think precisely, and articulate persuasively
This ability is shaped as students are taught to:

  • Listen with empathy and to understand and respect the perspective of others
  • Lead and participate in gracious and meaningful conversations
  • Use a framework to order, prioritize, and express thoughts well
  • Think logically and creatively
  • Express themselves clearly, creatively, and persuasively in written and oral form

III. A dedication to, and a love for, learning and scholarship
The infectious examples of the teachers and their instruction draws students toward gaining:

  • A foundation of learning that will allow them to succeed and excel in their chosen fields of endeavor and to influence their peers for good
  • An understanding of all studies as a gift from God
  • A balanced sense of the value of hard work, learning, and leisure
  • The tools of learning and the ability to learn independently


Covenant endeavors to instill the value and practice of a healthy lifestyle in all its forms, recognizing that we are created in God’s image. This is nurtured through curricular and co-curricular programs which teach students to:

  • Participate in the redemption of all things in God’s creation through the development and application of the gifts God has given them
  • Actively steward their bodies through participation in physical activities/exercise
  • Live out wise nutritional practices and understand food economies