Grades 5 and 6

DSC_4137a webAcademic Focus Time
Academic Focus Time (AFT) is a dedicated afternoon study hall for Fifth and Sixth Graders intended to support and serve their organizational needs and academic habits. For 20 minutes between the third and fourth periods students return to their homerooms for AFT. During this time teachers sign students’ completed academic planner after confirming that all assignments have been copied down for the day. Students use the remainder of their time to begin homework, organize their notebooks, or to follow up with teachers if questions or concerns remain from the day’s lesson. In this way, teachers model and support the work habits that lead to academic success in the Upper School and beyond.

Fifth and Sixth Grade students end their day with electives. Each student chooses a year-long performing arts elective from a choice of chorus, band, or handbells. In addition to the performing arts elective, students choose one elective for each trimester. The options include cooking, games, ultimate frisbee, exploratory art, photography, drama, and service squad.

Fifth and Sixth Grade students experience a model of instruction called STEM, which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This model is a cornerstone of Covenant’s expanding Lower School Math/Science program, along with Singapore Math.  Both of these encourage deep and powerful thinking and encourage novel problem-solving strategies.  STEM also represents a powerful vector for delving deeply into the nature and mysteries of God’s creation. Through STEM projects, students will consider the providence that has been made for humanity through properties of materials, physical laws, patterns in nature, even the ability to explore, to think, and to be creators in the image of God.

The Lower School science lab which will give students great opportunities to integrate these important concepts and ideas into hands-on experimentation.